The Jeep Trail

From the Black/Maquam Creek Trail parking lot, turn left onto Route 78 and drive about 1 mile west to our next trail. Pull into the Louie’s Landing Boat Access Area on the right. Toilet facilities are available here.  This is also the best place to put in canoes and kayaks. The Jeep Trail begins at Mac’s Bend, about a mile past the gate.  Note that the gate is normally locked except during duck hunting season in the fall. Also, be aware that the Jeep Trail itself is closed from the beginning of April to the end of July to protect nesting Ospreys from disturbance.  However, you can walk the gravel road from the gate to Mac’s Bend any time. Ospreys and Black Terns are often seen along this section of the river, and in recent years Bald Eagles have become more frequent.

The Jeep Trail begins at the far end of the Mac’s Bend parking lot, about a mile down the gravel road from the gate. The trail follows a narrow strip of floodplain forest along the west bank of the Missisquoi River. About the first mile of trail is mowed several times a year, but beyond that point, the trail can be very wet and indistinct. In a very dry year or in winter it should be possible to walk all the way out to Missisquoi Bay. In late summer, Ospreys, ducks, and shore birds, such as Yellowlegs, are typical.  In February, the refuge usually offers one or more Owl Prowls, where Great Horned Owls can often be heard in this area.

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